734, rue des Ursulines
Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 5B5

Phone number: 819 375-7922

A Cloister, A School, A Hospital

The dome of the Ursuline monastery is certain to catch your eye, as you travel through Trois-Rivières. Towering proudly over Old Trois-Rivières, it is a reminder of the Ursulines’ three hundred year presence and invites you to come and discover a building that has served as a cloister, a school and a hospital.

A Cloister

Immerse yourself in the life of the Ursulines, who have been educating young girls in the city for more than 300 years.  Moving testimonials recall a time when walls surrounded the Ursuline Monastery.  Let yourself be inspired by the stunning architecture in the chapel, in an atmosphere conducive to meditation.

A School

Become a student of the Ursulines and let yourself be carried away in the Nacelle de Sainte Ursule.  During the summer, tour part of the Collège Marie-de-l’Incarnation and follow in the footsteps of thousands of young girls.  Perhaps, you will even detect the lingering odour of molasses and peanut butter on bread.

A Hospital

At the museum, enter the first hospital in Trois-Rivières, the old Hôtel-Dieu, built by the Ursulines.  Each year, unveil another facet of the rich history of the Ursulines.

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